Monday, April 13, 2015

Whose image are we?

The Bible tells us in Genesis 1: 27  that we were created in God's image. Yet at the moment of conception, we too were created in our parents image. It's interesting that we often respond to life in the same way that our parents did. Relatives are quick to point that out as well. We may hear phrases like, you're just like your father or you remind me so much of your mother. That's one of two things; a compliment or a sort of reflection of how we've been shaped in the image of our parents. While this can be valuable in regards to our earthly characteristics as upright citizens of society, it can also pull us in directions God never intended. I'll let that resonate with each of us but think about it and consider this in comparison to the image God created us in. We learn at a very young age that God is love. His love is unconditional and we're told to love one another in the same fashion. I'm not sure about you, but that can be quite the challenge. God made us each unique, with various personalities, which in turn lead to strong opinions on different topics. But consider for a moment if we were seasoned with love. It was the pool we swam in every day of our lives. It was the guiding factor in our decisions, the outcome of our speech, the hands and feet of our actions. Love has a way of transformation, particularly when we love without condition. But you may say, that person is far too different than me to love them how I would a brother or sister in the faith. I get that and I value your insight that leads us to love others like minded than those who are differing in appearance, language, thought process and the list can go on and on. Yet I challenge us to think in terms of our Heavenly Father. He loves us enough to send His only Son to pay a horrible price for our sin. He loves us enough that he desires we leave the life of sin and follow Him. It's the whole idea of repentance. We turn from what displeases God. It's no simple task, however it's a higher calling. It's a process that travels through life with us. It's one that comes and goes and never seems to get easier. But in that unfolding of a new self, we find Christ. We find strength. We find encouragement. We know peace. I've come to the conclusion the self is the most important character in our lives to fully focus on. When we get it and start to live as God intended, others notice that and begin to see authenticity. Nothing is more powerful than a transparent self. We live our lives behind masks and make believe we are someone we are not. Whether it's for self worth that others don't frown upon us or it's what we've always done. I'm asking you to find yourself and identify with the One who made you in His image. This is a moment by moment, case by case basis. We are all unique and at the same time, very loved and special to God. What speaks to me is that God desired relationship with each of us so much so that He went to the lengths He did to make it possible through Jesus. May you have a blessed day and find solace in the knowledge of God.

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